Queer Youth Space Stickers


Queer Youth Space is a producer of events, coalitions, working groups and strategy sessions within the queer youth community. They believe in youth-led/adult partnered structures and organizations. They believe the true success in eliminating oppression rests in galvanizing those experiencing oppression as the primary actors in challenging and directly confronting systematized power. Successful youth development requires that youth operate as the sails of the ship, rather than strictly as the passengers.

They believe that community centers should not be restrictive spaces in the queer community. You should not have to be 21+ to enter queer spaces in Seattle. Likewise, they believe spaces should be fully accessible and committed to anti-racist work.

From their Facebook wall,

"We Need Queer Youth Space Seattle has mailed out over 300 QUEER AS F*** stickers for free. If you would like some, send us an email with your address. If you would like support this cause, we would love a donation. ♥ Stay warm ya'll!"

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