Free Midol Carry Case


When you're suffering from menstrual symptoms, Midol's got you covered. With a full line of medication tailored to suit your needs, Midol delivers relief from cramps, headache, fatigue, and even bloating.

If you're part of the 85% of women that experience PMS, you know that it affects your life. Midol can help you get through your day feeling less tired, relieve backaches and headaches, and stifle the crippling effects of strong cramps. For night time use, Midol PM contains a maximum strength pain reliever and a non habit-forming sleep-aid.

The contents of a woman's purse include everything that she considers to be a daily essential. If you tote Midol in your bag before or during your time of the month, you might like a fashionable carrying case to keep your private stash under wraps. Simply "Like" Midol on Facebook and upload a picture of your purse's contents for a free carrying case. You can snap the inside of your purse or line up the items next to it, but make sure that your name or information isn't visible. Join the "What's in Your Purse?" giveaway for a free Midol Carry Case.

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