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Buy and Sell Unwanted Gift Cards - Expired Listing

When you get a great deal on a gift card, you might wonder why a company would seem to give away money. Whether you're getting an additional gift card for free with purchase, receiving it as a gift, or are getting a free gift card for taking a survey, the sad fact is that 6% to 10% of all gift cards go unused. Whether stores are guaranteed future customers, or are simply selling a gift card that will never be redeemed, selling gift cards is in their best interest. Some stores even charge an inactivity fee, decreasing the value of the card over time.

Take back your money and spend it the way you want with Plastic Jungle when you get paid up to 92% of your gift card's value. You may exchange partially used gift cards, so that you can get all of your small gift card totals added to one card. Get rid of gift cards you won't use and get purchasing power at stores like Amazon.com instead. Beyond buying other gift cards, you may also receive payment via cashier's check or Paypal. You'll receive free replacement, loss, and damage protection, and all transactions are guaranteed. You can even donate the total of your gift card to a nonprofit organization of your choice.

Plastic Jungle offers you the simplest and safest way to turn unwanted gift cards into cash or gift cards you'll actually use. Sell or exchange your gift cards and buy gift cards at a discount through the link below.

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