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Free Apple iPad 2 - Expired Listing

When Apple released the iPad 2, 500,000 people lined up to get their hands on the new gadget for themselves or as a gift. After the ordeal of getting one, the best part of owning an iPad 2 is loading it up with fresh new apps.

Ultra light and slim, the Apple iPad 2 offers portability, entertainment, and ease of use. Click, drag, pinch, and zoom with the touch of a finger. Communicate face-to-face with Apple's Face Time app, or take funny pictures with the silly Photo Booth app. Watch movies, Face book with friends, and play interactive games like the incredibly popular Angry Birds.

For the ultimate in file storage, Dropbox is the essential means to accessing any of your media from your iPad. Skip the time-consuming iTunes sync and simply drop any files you'd like to see on your iPad into Dropbox from your home computer. For movies and television shows that aren't iTunes compatible, Air Video makes turning your PC into live a server fast and easy. Top entertainment apps include GarageBand for your inner composer, the improved Infinity Blade for the avid gamer, and World of Goo to give your brain an unusual challenge.

Despite strong sales during the first few months, sales of the iPad 2 haven't met Apple's expectations. Shipping fewer units than projected can hurt their image and have a negative effect on future releases, meaning that Apple needs to make sure that this doesn't happen again. While some blame timing for mediocre sales, others blame the lack of a standout feature that would make the iPad 2 a more desirable upgrade. Share your opinion on Apple products and participate through the link below for a free iPad 2.

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