Music With Grandpa Game - 15 Video Lessons


The goal of Music with Grandpa is to create a grassroots, classical music revolution across the planet that will infuse children with an awareness of and affinity for a higher quality of music and thereby raise and improve the culture of Earth.

Associated Purposes:

- Get children to listen to classical music by playing the game called Music with Grandpa.
- Educate children in the rock bottom basic words and symbols used in music.
- Familiarize children with all the instruments that are played in a symphony orchestra.
- Attend a live concert and listen to a symphony orchestra.
- Create a frame of mind within the child so that, without any force or suggestion, he may in the future decide for himself to play an instrument or become involved with music in some way: performance, composition, conducting, etc.

A child who learns, by playing the Music with Grandpa game, that he gets rewarded only when he earns it.

To get started, click on the "Free Music with Grandpa Game Order Form" link and download the Music with Grandpa Game Manual for free.


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