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Save with Textbook Rentals - Free Shipping - Expired Listing

According to the Association of American Publishers, high textbook costs are partly due to the resale of used books. Since less new books are being sold, they need to increase the prices of new copies to generate revenue. They've also compiled a breakdown of textbooks costs at one university as a sample of what students can expect to pay. For the 20 books in their sample, students would save on sixteen of the books if they bought them online as opposed to the Iowa University Bookstore.

If you're not considering all of your options for textbook purchases, you could be losing money. Renting online is proven to be more affordable, and at BookRenter, you can save $500 or more on this year's textbooks. They promise to deliver students the best prices, the most flexible options, over 5 million titles, and the best service on earth.

It's free to get your textbooks shipped to you and free to return them by UPS. Make the first smart move of the semester and up to 80% by renting your books online from BookRenter.

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