DealPulp Fashion Blogger Opportunity


DealPulp is working hard to deliver the freshest deals on the freshest accessories and apparel, but now they're looking for a little help from you - reward included. Each day, they offer a wide variety of fashion items and all at incredibly low prices, and they want to see those items in action. So, if you've got an eye for styling and a knack for photography, please read on.

Here's the scoop:

1. Apply

Shoot an email to to tell them a little bit about yourself and your online fashion life. Are you a dedicated Tweeter? A Facebook fanatic? Do you contribute to community fashion sites or do you have your own fashion blog? Give them the rundown and make sure to include links.

2. Get approved, get the goods

If you're approved, they'll send you a little gift -- maybe a piece of jewelry, maybe some DealPulp credit. Use the credit to purchase apparel and accessories from their Daily Picks or buy a Daily Harvest and use your promo code to get some fabulous clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc. Or, just start playing dress-up with the goodies they've sent over.

3. Style, pose, shoot, share

Take some stellar photos of you, your friends, or your muses, wearing DealPulp fashion goods. Post the photos on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or community fashion sites like and, making sure to include at least one link to

4. Earn credit, get more DealPulp stuff

At the end of each month, make a list of links to the wonderful photos you posted across the web and send the list to They'll take a look at the list and award you anywhere from $50-$200 in DealPulp credit for the month. Use that DealPulp credit to buy more clothing and accessories, take more photos and post them, send them the list, and the cycle continues month after month ...

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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