The Lucidicus Project Kit for Med Students


The Lucidicus Project is an independent educational initiative whose mission is to help medical students and the general public learn more about the case for free markets and individual rights in medicine.

They raise money to provide books and educational materials to students who are entering medicine, nursing, and other healthcare-related professions. Their aim is to help the doctors of tomorrow learn to defend their right to practice medicine in a free society. They also regularly publish editorials on healthcare policy and provide commentary and links through social media. The project was founded in July of 2005 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

The books that they give away are intended for medical students, pre-med students, nursing students, and anyone else studying to enter a healthcare-related profession. They are for individuals who have a genuine interest in learning about the case for free market solutions in medicine.

As a recipient, you do not incur any obligations, except that you agree to be featured as a recipient with a brief profile and photo of some sort.

Sign up for your free kit today at their website.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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