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Free Gift from Tylenol - Expired Listing

When you have arthritis, you want a pain reliever that works fast and lasts all day. Now available in easy-to-swallow gelcaps, Tylenol Arthritis Pain has a special bi-layer design-with one layer that dissolves quickly and another layer that releases medicine over time for up to 8 hours of relief.

Tylenol Arthritis Pain won't irritate your stomach the way that aspirin or even ibuprofen can. And it doesn't interfere with certain high blood pressure medicines the way Aleve sometimes can. Doctors recommend Tylenol for osteoarthritis pain more than any other brand of pain reliever.

Join the Tylenol Keep Moving Program. Membership is free. You'll enjoy access to exclusive articles, helpful tips, and guided workouts. Join others like you and start benefiting from the Keep Moving program right away.

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