Diabetes Everyday Wisdom Kit for Kids


The Everyday Wisdom Kit is a tool designed to help families of children with type 1 diabetes live with diabetes everyday.

When a child is diagnosed with a chronic disease like type 1 diabetes, everyday moments can become more of a challenge.

The Everyday Wisdom Kit helps families plan for everyday moments and events such as birthday parties, playing sports and getting behind the wheel.

The kit comes in a reusable lunch bag and includes,

- A guide for parents
- A guide for the child with diabetes
- A guide for the teen with diabetes
- A guide for the sibling
- An interactive card game for the whole family
- A Safe Diabetes Sitter Guide
- A dog tag to personalize as a medical ID necklace
- Emergency Contact Information refrigerator magnet
- Diabetes Dictionary
- Information about the American Diabetes Association's Diabetes Camp and Safe at School programs.

Thanks to an educational grant by Lilly, the Everyday Wisdom Kit is available for free.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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