Middle School Science Posters


American Book Company's writers and curriculum specialists have decades of total teaching experience. They've worked with students at every level-from kindergarten through middle school, and from high school to college and teacher prep.

Their goal is to provide you with great test-prep tools based on your school system's exit exams and assessments. Each of their state test-prep books is tailored to your state education board's standards and objectives.

American Book Company's NEW Middle School Science Posters are the perfect addition to any classroom. These engaging and colorful posters help students learn terms and concepts in three main learning styles. Visual learners can quickly associate the image with the word, Kinesthetic learners can use the images to build and rearrange various concept maps, bulletin boards, and charade games, and Auditory learners can practice saying and discussing the word/topic with other students.

Contact them toll-free at 1-888-264-5877 or by e-mail at contact@americanbookcompany.com to find out more information or to request a free sample set.

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