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Vibe Electronic Cigarette Starter Pack (S&H) - Expired Listing

Thousands of smokers across the world have made the switch to eCigarettes in an effort to improve their lifestyles and their health. With Vibe's free trial starter pack, you can celebrate your love of life by feeding your nicotine cravings is a safer and cleaner way.

The Vibe eCigarette, looks, feels, and tastes like a real cigarette, making it the greatest alternative to smoking. Now you no longer ingest the harmful chemicals found in ordinary tobacco cigarettes, but can just enjoy a harmless nicotine vapor. When the body absorbs the nicotine, users exhale a water vapor which looks like a puff of smoke to the common eye.

Save money on cigarettes, live a healthier lifestyle, and stop missing out on social engagements with Vibe eCigarettes. In celebration of your resolution, you can receive a Vibe eCigarette starter pack for just the cost of shipping. If you decide to keep the Vibe eCigarette starter set, you could expect to spend $59.95 a month, just a fraction of what you'd spend on cigarettes. Better health, lower cost, and equal enjoyment are just a few clicks away with a free trial of Vibe eCigs.

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  • United States

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