Pipeline International Surf Stickers


Crash - Slam - Bammmm - CRASSSSSHHH! That's the blue liquid thunder heard, felt and ridden exclusively by the elite feet of the globe's greatest. Pipeline, where so much of surfing history has been carved in the swells. Pipeline, THE wave every serious surfer wants to ride, but only a select few have the strength, skills and heart to actually do it. It takes years of experience just to be able to get out into the water when it's breaking, let alone make it back to the beach in one piece.

Pre-60's it was essentially a wave preserve, not set out by the government for protection but just too vicious to even attempt. Fifteen-foot winter waves, thick as redwoods, that all but trash-talked "back off brah" to any fool who would consider such craziness.

Phil Edwards rode it in 1961, Bruce Brown filmed it. And to surfers around the world it was pure surf legend. Ever since, any board rider worthy of his rep has sought to challenge these notorious tubes -- savage caverns that have made more champions and taken the lives of more surfing souls than any other wave on earth.

In a very real sense, Pipeline is not so much a wave as it is an attitude, a style, a powerful but elegant form of individual rebellion. Which also makes it the gear of choice for those unafraid to rule 2/3 of this blue planet.

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