Apple Pie for Dinner Susan VanHecke Bookplate


In An Apple Pie for Dinner, kind old Granny Smith wants to bake an apple pie, but she doesn't have any apples. Won't you join her as she sets off with a basketful of plums in hopes that she can make a trade?

On her journey, Granny makes many new friends as she swaps plums for feathers, feathers for flowers, flowers for a gold coin, a gold coin for a puppy, and a puppy for what she hoped to find in the first place - apples.

And then, with the help of all of her new friends, she bakes the best apple pie ever. You can too - just follow Granny's secret recipe inside the book.

Yum yum! An apple pie is a special treat. And it's extra yummy when helpful friends share it.

As Granny Smith says, "If you try and try, you can always have an apple pie for dinner!"

This book is retold by Susan VanHecke and illustrated by Carol Baicker-McKee.

A little over halfway down the page on the right hand side there is a form you can fill out requesting a free signed bookplate.

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