File for Government Grants


As an American citizen, you're eligible for many of the thousands of available grants. File for Grants is a free service that provides Americans with the fastest, most convenient way to seek and apply for grants.

Ever year, taxpayer dollars support 1,000 Federal Programs, with an overall 24,000 State Programs in action, as well. 20,000 scholarships are awarded annually by the U.S. government, and over 30,000 private foundations also sponsor grants for citizens. At File for Grants, you'll be able to find grants and get free access to:

Articles, processes & resources
Grant Approval Guide - How to apply & get accepted
Grant Approval Course 101 - Exams & Assignment written by professional grant writers
Grant Resources - FAQ & Glossary

Search for free through the link below and you'll also receive free information on job markets, education, training programs and job placement services.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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