Dot Diva Brochure & Poster


You may be asking - what is a Dot Diva?

They're idealistic. Dot Divas dream of a better world. They're passionate about the big picture-improving life. Everyone has dreams about making a difference. Computing makes theirs come true. They design amazing things:

* smart phones that are smarter
* software to help archaeologists decode ancient languages
* mobile forensics labs for instant analysis at crime scenes

They're leading the way to the future. They're passionate about their work. It stretches their imaginations, calls upon their problem-solving skills, and takes the power of teamwork.

The Dot Diva brochures have been created through extensive research to appeal to high school girls. There is a space on the back of each brochure to customize the material for your organization. The Dot Diva posters are meant to be hung in classrooms or other places students congregate. These materials are provided free through a generous grant from the National Science Foundation and will be shipped to you at no cost while supplies last.

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  • United States


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