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Free Rosary Bead Tattoo Designs

Submitted By: bobbysmokes on 8/23/2010

Click Here! Rosary bead tattoo designs are very popular with both men and women and are most often used to express religious beliefs. The beads of the rosary are used during prayer ceremonies where a repeated prayer is said and the beads are used to help keep track of the number of times it is said. They are most often made of non precious metals, wood and most commonly in the modern era plastic. Used mostly in America by Roman Catholics similar beads are also used in Buddhism and other eastern religions.

The rosary bead tattoo design also has a more sinister side as it had been adopted by a number of prison and street gangs. Tattooed around the neck with the beads forming a noose, the symbol of prayer is twisted into a tool for intimidation. These designs are most often left in simple black and gray and not done in full color. Gang members also wear physical rosaries and use different color beads to represent different gangs.

While the rosary is made up of some fifty small beads the most dominant feature is the cross in the center. The cross represents the passion and is an integral part of the rosary necklace although it is not used for actual praying. Cross tattoo designs, with and without rosary beads, are very popular and cross tattoo design flash can be found easily online and in any tattoo parlor.

Getting a rosary bead tattoo design is no different than any other design and you must keep the basics in mind. Tattoo size and placement are very important, simply placing a rosary on the foot is not enough, the proportions of the beads and the cross must be appropriate for the size of the foot. Also placing very small rosaries with a tiny cross in the center of a back will not look good as the size of the design needs to fit the body part to be tattooed.

Get free rosary bead tattoo designs to be used as clip art or printed. Multiple categories include cross tattoos for women, small rosaries and more.

Click Here to Get: Free Rosary Bead Tattoo Designs

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