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Play Deal or No Deal, Win Cash & Prizes - Expired Listing

Currently airing Fridays on NBC, "Deal or No Deal" is an exhilarating hit game show where contestants play and deal for a top prize of $1 million in a high-energy contest of nerves, instincts and raw intuition. Cheering on your favorite contestant is fun, but you can play your own game for free online. Compete against other players for a chance to win cash and prizes.

The game starts with 26 cases, each with a secret amount of cash. Setting aside one suitcase as their final prize, the player must then instinctively eliminate the remaining 25 case. The pressure mounts as in each round, after a pre-determined number of cases are opened; the participant is tempted by a mysterious entity known only as "the Banker" to accept an offer of cash in exchange for what might be contained in the contestant's chosen briefcase. Host Howie Mandel then asks the all-important question - Deal or No Deal?

The contestant knows that as long as the larger cash prizes haven't been opened, the Banker's deals will only get higher. And if the conflicted contestant accidentally opens a case with a bigger cash value - the Banker's offer could suddenly evaporate.

This is a game for players who love risk and excitement, but don't want to play video games or answer quiz questions. Play for free with a chance to win real world prizes through the link below.

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