Unfortunately the "Free Chipotle Meals for 1 Year" offer is no longer available.

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Free Chipotle Meals for 1 Year - Expired Listing

Since 1993, Chipotle Mexican Grill has been serving up nutritious and delicious food to hungry Americans. Featuring a small, simple menu, they make burritos, tacos, and salads for all tastes.

Now publicly traded, they shoulder a great responsibility to their stockholders and customers. Their naturally raised chicken are fed no antibiotics additives. Their pigs have room to roam, and are fed a vegetarian diet free of antibiotics. Even the dairy they serve is from pasture-raised cattle, and all their black beans are organic. Sensitive to most dietary restrictions, their frying oil is trans fat free.

Eat free for a year at Chipotle's with a $250 gift card. Participate in food, entertainment, and special savings offers in order to get yours free. Start by entering you email through the link below.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States

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