Reader Spoilers: Earn Free Gift Cards


Love to read? Love to receive free swag? Then take the Reader Spoilers bribe seriously and join their review staff for free today. When you do you will receive free Starbucks gift cards, free books, and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping self published authors succeed in their efforts to promote their books.

Whether you know it or not most books that come out of the self published pipelines never have a shot of making money on the book market. They're tossed to the side of the road and left for dead like a store that sells records and not CD's or a video store that rents out VCR tapes instead of DVD's. In other words, the promotional materials given to self published authors are dated and don't really work. Self published authors need your help to become relevant in an oversaturated book market that makes it incredibly hard to promote a self published book.

Here is where you come in, since there are thousands of books released each year most of which are never sold to anyone, and thus don't get any word of mouth buzz or better put, reader reviews of the book itself, they are left for dead. But with your help they can fight the promotional book plague by offering honest, well written reader reviews of books. For your efforts they will reward you with free coffee and books, otherwise known as the fuel that drives intellectual minds around the world.

For each book you review you will receive a free copy of the book, most likely digital, and a free Starbucks gift card. In the future they hope to offer you free t-shirts, mugs, hats, and other promotional items.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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