Free Stories from the Golden Age Catalog


In writing an adventure story a writer has to know that he is adventuring for a lot of people who cannot. The writer has to take them here and there about the globe and show them excitement and love and realism. As long as that writer is living the part of an adventurer when he is hammering the keys, he is succeeding with his story.

Adventuring is a state of mind. If you adventure through life, you have a good chance to be a success on paper.

Adventure doesn't mean globe-trotting, exactly, and it, doesn't mean great deeds. Adventuring is like art. You have to live it to make it real.

-L. Ron Hubbard

Galaxy Press is offering a free catalog for the Stories from the Golden Age featuring all the original pulp novels from the 1930s and 1940s by master storyteller L. Ron Hubbard. Also check out their website for other free gifts and downloads.

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