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Dyneema Gloves Sample - Expired Listing

Dyneema is an UHMW-PE fiber. DSM invented it 20 years ago and it's been in production since 1990. The fiber is incredibly versatile with virtually limitless applications. For industrial gloves, they manufacture fibers by means of a gel-spinning process that combines extreme strength with incredible softness. So what makes this fiber so special?

Dyneema is:

* 15 times stronger than steel on a weight-for-weight basis.
* 40% stronger than aramid fibers for superior protection in the workplace.
* Able to float on water and does not absorb moisture.
* UV resistant, you can expose it to the sun without affecting its performance.
* Chemical resistant, performance is unaffected when exposed to most strong acids or bases.
* An excellent conductor of heat - gloves made with the fiber feel cool to the touch.
* Launderable. Gloves with Dyneema can be washed, even bleached, and therefore re-used.
* Fully approved for use in the food industry - in both Europe and the US.

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