FOOT Neat Non-Slip Mat


Paper thin yet very comfortable to the touch and extremely durable. Although the price is comparable with the disposable, one-use products, this mat will last several months without any evidence of wear and tear. In a shower or the bathtub, even with loads of soap on your body, there is absolutely no tendency to slip and the mat provides a comfortable feel of safety. Yet, you can easily move the mat around when you don't stand on it. It does not collect dirt or mold and the soap will freely wash away. If it's put over the drain, it allows water to easily seep through. The product is fully recyclable containing no harmful chemicals or poisonous elements.

This unique product, with patent for the manufacturing process as well as the final product is exclusively manufactured in Spain and available in the North American continent, Mexico and the Caribbean solely through the Canadian division of Foot Neat Spain.

They are offering a free sample of their FOOT Neat non-slip mat for your trial. Just fill out the form and they will send you one free of charge mat sample.

Free sample is only available for Canadian, US, Mexico or Carribean companies.

Company name required.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • United States


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