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As an expectant mother, you are experiencing a wide range of emotions: from happiness to anxiety to joy. The last thing you want to experience is morning sickness, which you know can strike at any time of day.

While over 70% of pregnant women experience morning sickness associated with pregnancy, few know of one of the safest and easiest remedies available - B-natal TheraPops or lozenges. Doctor-recommended B-natal products are the right mix of vitamins and sugar that can provide relief at any time of day or night.

Available as a cherry-flavored TheraPop or apple-flavored lozenge, B-natal products provide "sweet relief from morning sickness" with safe and soothing sugar and vitamin B6, which has been found to provide soothing relief of symptoms.

If you pregnant and experiencing symptoms of morning sickness, B-natal products are right for you. Register to try them for free. Participants are chosen on a first come, first served basis and MomSelect will contact you. If you are chosen to participate, you will receive a sample of B-natal TheraPops or lozenges to try.

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