Free Can the Grease Kit - Central AR Only


Little Rock Wastewater has made a huge leap towards a cleaner, environmentally affable future with their Can the Grease program. Can the Grease was started as a way to educate their 63,000 customers on the proper disposal of grease and oils. Grease and oil build up is responsible for 70-80% of their dry weather overflows. Their Can the Grease program offers a solution to the non-capacity overflow problem. They educate the public on proper grease disposal and provide an aluminum can with heat resistant liners for the residents to dispose of their grease and oils. All of this they supply the public free of charge.

Little Rock residents can request a free Can the Grease starter kit by calling 501-688-1400. If you are a Jacksonville resident, call 501-982-0581.

Central AR residents only.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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