Free Bible from Joe Gibbs


Coach Joe Gibbs has seen a lot of success failures. He's seen that even the wealthy real estate tycoon successful on the outside, but on the inside living with a broken marriage and kids who want nothing to do with him. He's also seen the guy who made it to the top of the company only to lose his position when the firm is sold, devastated and wondering what's next. Coach Gibbs has experienced significant success and failures himself. That's why he developed the Game Plan for Life.

The Game Plan for Life is a fail proof, long-term approach that will change you from the inside and impact every area of your life-from relationships to finances to your view of what winning really means. You'll find true success, relevance and lasting peace if you follow it.

Request a free bible today at his website.



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  • By: iluvfatbones

    Someone, presumably Coach Joe Gibbs, has simply gone through the Bible and changed Jesus' name to "Joe". Or in some case, "The Coach".

    His "Game Plan for Life" states, "Send unto Coach Joe Gibbs the sum of $50. And by Coach Joe Gibbs, I mean Jesus. But write Joe Gibbs on the check."