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Free Peacock Feather Tattoo Designs - Expired Listing

Peacock feather tattoo designs have been popular all over the world for at least a millennium. The peacock though often thought of in a feminine manner is actually the male of the peafowl family. His less fancy female is called a peahen. The peacock is most known for its luxurious tail of green gold and blue that fans out exposing what looks like small eyes on the feathers' tips. The tail of the peacock is its most noticeable feature and the reason for its enduring use as a tattoo design.

The Chinese culture is probably the culture most often associated with the peacock as a tattoo design. In ancient China the peacock was a symbol of high military rank and was most often associated with men of great honor and committed service to their country. The symbol of the peacock also plays prominently in Buddhism with the peacocks' tail feather "eyes" representing an ever watching consciousness. This ever watching "eyes " concept is also the reason some Christian groups have reportedly used the symbol.

Though less prominent as a tattoo design the peacock none the less plays a great role in Indian society. Thousands of peacocks can be found in Indian temples where they are prized not so much for their beauty as their legendary prowess as snake killers. Hindu legend holds that the descendants of Shiva road on the backs of peacocks and peacock feathers were worn in the hairs of Krishna, so the peacock does have symbolic meaning in India.

The modern American use for the peacock tattoo generally has more to do with gang affiliation than with any other oriental symbolism. The use of the peacock as a prison tattoo goes back to at the least the nineteen fifties and is generally used to use symbolize prison time with each feather representing a year. These tattoos were done in black using crude techniques that none the less often resulted in strikingly beautiful tattoo work.

The peacock feather tattoo designs you find on the website are meant to be used as a starting point to finding the correct tattoo design. No free tattoo design website can provide a finished product only the inspiration and the spark of an idea.

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