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Request a free Sports Supplement Buyer's Guide/Catalog. It contains 236 pages of absolutely essential information on products, trends, and science breakthroughs. It's the ultimate guide to the right protein - the final word on protein, today. The best, the worst, and what it takes to grow faster than ever.

Covering featured athlete, megastar game-breaking NFL wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald-to an in-depth analysis of a mass building sensation that may change bodybuilding forever, and on through dozens of pages of original and unbiased information on the products you buy and use.

Exclusive interviews with Hugh Jackman and the cast of the summer blockbuster, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, plus in-depth conversations with two of football's most dangerous offensive weapons, Larry Fitzgerald and Brian Westbrook, and more fitness secrets from the stars.

The 2009 issue is one you definitely don't want to miss. Written by the industry's top experts, it contains more expert analysis, more crucial updates, more in-depth research and investigation, and more unbiased, unvarnished truth than any other publication of its kind.

This deluxe 2009 edition contains:

The 2009 Best in Class Awards: Detailed analysis of the Top 3 products in every supplement category, as reviewed by their acclaimed Product Research Team. Plus pages and pages of indispensable information on all the top products in each category, in their comprehensive Product Review Guide.