Watkins Catalog & Samples

Founded in 1868 as the J.R. Watkins Medical Company, Watkins has been a pioneer in natural personal care for almost 140 years. Since the beginning, Watkins specialized in home remedies using natural botanicals—like camphor, menthol and herbs—to help people feel better and live healthy lives.

Visit their website and request and free catalog and you will receive free samples as well from your independent Watkins associate, Rebecca Douthit.

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  • United States

  • By: babybarnplus

    Today I received a very nice catalog and a black pepper sample and a lotion sample from this very sweet Watkins associate.

  • By: CMackle

    Today in the mail I recieved.... Roll of Scott toilet paper Meow mix cat food Playtex baby bottle Wired magazine TV guide magazine Cooking pleasures magazine (no multipurpose grater though) Transworld snowboarding magazine Emergen-C Lego Club magazine Stetson Fresh cologne sample Stayfree pad sample Home made simple coupon book Gardeners idea book I am waiting for the razor!! hope someone didn't take it. My hubby needs a new one and I hate to go buy one! Thats all. I'll let you all know what I get next time

  • By: babybarnplus

    You still racked up though!

    I hope your razor comes, crossing my fingers for tomorrow...

    The multi-purpose grater will only come when you pay for your subscription, I think it's about $12 or something like that for a one year subscription and the grater...you just got the free trial issue right?

  • By: CMackle

    Yes. I recieved the free trial issue but I paid for the membership a couple of weeks ago. I like cooking. It is only $12 for a year. Not too expensive. I wonder if I recieve stuff later than you all because I am on the west coast. Who knows! I recieved my Scott TP pretty quick. I am still waiting on stuff from Walmart from 3-4 weeks ago.

  • By: babybarnplus

    Yeah, I noticed that certain members receive their stuff earlier than others. I can guess when mine will come based on when uniquelywired's stuff comes...mine always comes about 2 or 3 days later.

    If you paid then the grater should have came or should come, I'd call them to see when it's coming if I were you.

  • By: CMackle

    Okay, I will give them a call in a couple of weeks. Give the pony express a little bit longer. THX. :)

  • By: babybarnplus

    Your welcome! Have a great night and talk to you soon!

  • By: gingerbread

    I recieved a grater from that cooking company and I didn't sign up or pay anything, It took about 8 weeks. Hope yours has arrived by now! I just signed up for the free trial and reminded them that they offered the grater just to sign up for the free issue. This has worked several times for me through different companys:)