Unfortunately the "Always Changing Kits for Schools" offer is no longer available.

Due to the high popularity of these offers some of them run out or expire quickly.

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Always Changing Kits for Schools - Expired Listing

The Always Changing Program is specifically designed for 5th grade girls and boys. It helps teachers teach the important topics of puberty and development. The program has been reviewed by the American Association for Health Education.

Developed by teachers, school nurses and physicians, the program offers:

Educator Kit

* Printed educator guide
* DVD or VHS (English or Spanish); view videos: Girls Boys Co-ed
* Always Infinity Pads package
* Always Thin Pantiliners package
* Secret deodorant (one unit, for demonstration purposes)
* Old Spice deodorant (one unit, for demonstration purposes)
* Parent postcard

Girls' Materials

* Puberty education booklet
* Period pocket calendar
* Always Pantiliner samples

Boys' Materials

* Puberty education booklet

This is for teachers and parents only. Shipments go straight to the school.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States