Unfortunately the "MAVERICK Beard Growth Formula - Free Trial (S&H)" offer is no longer available.

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MAVERICK Beard Growth Formula - Free Trial (S&H)

MAVERICK Beard Growth Formula Beard Growing Oil/Cream is designed to help you achieve a fuller and stronger beard. Use it as a hair loss preventive and to tackle gray hairs. Also use it to help rid pesky beard itch & flakes and increase beard shine!

With this free trial, they'll allow you to try their product for 15 days from the date you order. You'll get to experience if this is the right product for your beard care needs. Pay $4.95 shipping only. After evaluating the product, if you are unhappy for any reason you can call them to cancel. Product is delivered 2-5 days after placing your order. If there is any delay in shipment, you can also call to extend your trial order. Reasonable trial extension requests are generally granted.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States

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