Unfortunately the "Free After Rebates with Shopper Army" offer is no longer available.

Due to the high popularity of these offers some of them run out or expire quickly.

We do have many other great offers you may be interested in though so please browse the rest of Totally Free Stuff.

Free After Rebates with Shopper Army

Shopper Army works to get you offers to try cool products. To participate, join their program and then wish for the products you would like to try out for free. When the opportunity arises, accept the offer available to you. Complete your offers to earn rewards.

They have the following free after rebate offers available:

ALDI Runik Red Blend
ALDI Elevation by Millville Energy Bars
ALDI Elevation by Millville High Protein Bars
ALDI Elevation by Millville Endulgent Bars
ALDI Elevation by Millville Fruit & Nut Bars
ALDI Elevation by Millville Advance Bars
ALDI Elevation by Millville Pure & Simple Bars
ALDI Elevation by Millville Low Sugar High Protein Bars
ALDI Elevation by Millville Breaktime Bars
ALDI Kirkwood Dino Nuggets
ALDI Simply Nature Organic Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese or Shells & Cheese
ALDI Stonemill Salt Free Seasonings
ALDI Summit Red Thunder Energy Shots
ALDI VitaLife Smoothies
ALDI Simms Artisan Jerky
ALDI Elevation by Millville Protein Powder
ALDI Season's Choice Mango & Tropical Blend Frozen Fruit
ALDI Friendly Farms Traditional Whole Milk Plain Greek Yogurt
ALDI Benner Peach Tea
ALDI Organic 100% Super Juices
ALDI Specially Selected Premium 100% Juices
ALDI Friendly Farms Organic Lowfat Chocolate Milk
Ortega Good Grains Taco Shells
Birds Eye Steamfresh Veggie Made Pasta
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Wipes
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Tip to Toe Wash

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States

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