I have been checking out some of the offers here, and reading the comments. I have noticed that, in some cases, the comments have later been deleted or given negative ratings, apparently because the user takes issue with the posting of the item, or is otherwise critical.

If the administration is going to do that, why have a comments system at all, if all you're going to allow are positive, rah-rah, slap-on-the-back postings? If you're not allowing users to see the comments, or are negging them down so they don't show, aren't you doing a disservice to your users?


  • By: babybarnplus

    You can see the negative ones when you click on show comment or viewer withheld, something to that nature....I believe some are withheld for good reasons....some comments show discrimination towards a person's religion or race.....young users shouldn't be exposed to that type of negativity....but everyone is entitled to their own opinion....but I personally would like to see some rah-rah's b/c the effort to find a legit post, then to submit it and describe it accurately is very time consuming....


  • By: mcpaladin

    It isn't the administration you should be questioning. The (+) (-) system of voting is at the disposal of all the members. Members themselves are "negging down" posts. You can always view the replies (click on "show comments"), but the TFS membership is "speaking" through their positive/negative votes.


  • By: smackdye

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