Unfortunately the "250 Free Business Cards from Vistaprint (S&H)" offer is no longer available.

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250 Free Business Cards from Vistaprint (S&H) - Expired Listing

Do you need new business cards? If so, then look no further than Vistaprint. The technologies designed and owned by Vistaprint enable them to offer custom designed, full-color printed products at a great price, even in small quantities. Their low prices are also due to the volume of their business. Every year, Vistaprint empowers more than 9 million micro businesses and consumers with affordable, professional options to make an impression.

They're giving away free business cards in an effort to show new customers what kind of high quality results to expect. The wizard on their site will help you design new cards step by step. You can create a highly professional design using their powerful tools. You will receive 250 cards made with premium heavy paper and state-of-the-art printing.

The cards will mention on the back that they were free from Vistaprint and you need to pay for shipping. For a small charge they will send you cards with blank backs, too.

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  • United States


  • By: apalmetta

    It seems like vistaprint pays all these guys to advertise, but if you truly want 2500 free business cards,go to www.wymprint.com. they provide real 14pt or 16pt cards (not 8 pt thicker than paper cards), and most importantly, they let you upload your file, or logo. Your cards will look like your own cards instead of picking from 30 templates. If you are into templates, choose the design tool and pick from about 600 templates. I am sure a lot of people don't want this to come out, but try wymprint.com.


  • By: chris32

    Vistaprint seems like a good bet until you start to really make the card or whatever it is you want to print your own. They bait you with the free point but by the time your finished you spent at least $50. The best place I've found for free business cards as well as other items is 1800businesscards.com. At 1800businesscards.com you can get free business cards and only pay for shipping. They let you upload your own image for free and let you into their state of the art builder. Vistaprint gives you hardly any options for free. 1800businesscards.com lets you use their advanced studio to build. Yeah they have their little ad on the back as well but for like a dollar or so you can remove it. And you can upgrade your card stock from 14pt. to 16pt. for only $1. Not only that but their shipping is at the most 5-7 days. Vistaprint charges you for that, or you can wait a month to get your cheap standard cards. 1800businesscards.com has the most advanced card builder I've ever seen and a free iproof gadget where you can actually get a free pdf proof of your card. Everyone should check them out. Their prices are also the lowest I've seen and they are currently running a special 20% promotion. 1800businesscards.com