Getting to Know the People behindTFS

Hi! My name is Babybarnplus and just wanted to know more about the people of TFS in hopes of finding more freebies that you all like and who all just loves this site as much as me.

I'll get started:

Kids/Spouse: Yes, Yes, 3 boys

Where are you from: NC

Hobbies: Collecting Harry Potter Memorabilia, Yard Sales, Thrift Store, Freebies!

Favorite Movies: All the Harry Potter Movies

Favorite Books: All the Harry Potter Books

Favorite TV Shows: The Ellen Show, Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven, That 70's Show, Dr. Phil

Favorite Color: Pink and blue

Favorite Foods: Shrimp, Pizza, Chocolate, Steak & Cheese Subs

Favorite Restaurants: The Mayflower, Carini's

Favorite Stores: Walmart, Local Thrift Store

Favorite Childhood Toys: Full House Michelle Doll and my trolls

Favorite Holiday: Christmas, b/c of the kids

Favorite Type of Freebies: Beauty, Full Size Products, Children's

Favorite Music: Country

Thanks for reading, have fun!

Feel free to add more to my list if you like!


  • By: rayne storm

    Kids/Spouse: Yes, Yes, 2 girls and 1 boy

    Where are you from: OH

    Hobbies: Oh family, arts/crafts, games, cooking, freebies, reading, just bout anything if I can seem to get into it.

    Favorite Movies: My favorite movie is Disturbing Behavior...I also like things done by Will Smith and John Travolta

    Favorite Books: Anything with words lol

    Favorite TV Shows: Law and Order

    Favorite Color: Purple

    Favorite Foods: Don't have a favorite but I like to try new things.

    Favorite Restaurants: I have three YOUNG kids so does McDonalds count?lol

    Favorite Stores: Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General (gee see a pattern? lol), Walmart

    Favorite Childhood Toys: my bicycle was my fav as a kid.

    Favorite Holiday: None

    Favorite Type of Freebies: Any that are free (lol). No serious the full size products and anything I can use.

    Favorite Music: Hop/hop, R & B


  • By: jkrackie

    Kids/Spouse: Yes, Yes, 1 step-daughter (3 years old!)

    Where are you from: LA

    Hobbies: scrapbooking, cleaning our home, shopping & getting freebies!

    Favorite Movies: Girl interrupted & the princess bride

    Favorite Books: The girl who loved tom gordon- Stephen King!!!

    Favorite TV Shows: Greys Anatomy

    Favorite Color: Pink & orange

    Favorite Foods: mac & cheese our 3 loves to help me make it, lol!

    Favorite Restaurants: i dont have a fav resturant, but i LOVE me some mexican food!

    Favorite Stores: i think imma have to go with the dollar stores, too!

    Favorite Childhood Toys: you know, i cant remember

    Favorite Holiday: None

    Favorite Type of Freebies: i love the beauty freebies & the children freebies!

    Favorite Music: ALL im a music junkie


  • By: babybarnplus

    Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post! It was fun reading about your interests! Looks like we all have a few things in common, we love our family, freebies, and dollar type stores!LOL!