FA (Freebies Annon.)

Hello My name is Rayne and I am a Freebi Addict (LOL)
I was wondering what addicts people to freebies? I mean for some it the thrill of getting something for free. Others it may be they really could use the product. Some people its the fact they get to open their mailbox and see something other than bills. Then there are those that do this just to pass the time. (better than doing nothing, ya know) Use this thread to talk bout why you are addicted to freebies and discuss some of the odd freebies you received just to recieve something. Also talk bout some of the things (might be embarrasing) that you have done to get passed the (one sample per household thing). Have you ever made up a business name to recieve a freebie...confess it here.


  • By: babybarnplus

    Hello, my name is Babybarnplus. I have been a freebie addict since October 2007. I love to get freebies b/c it's nice to have 30 minutes of peace a day to shuffle through the mail. Life is very stressful, as we all know, and it's the little things in life that make a difference. Also, I love the 'surprise' that comes with freebies, you never know what you may receive when you check the mail. I also love to get actual products in the mail, full size products, b/c life's too expensive as it is. I love to post my finds to share w/ the TFS online community b/c other people contribute to fill my mailbox by submitting finds, and I'd like to give back to them.

    The strangest things I've ever received was a men's pair of underwear that said "I love you Dewey Cox" on them, followed up by Dewey Cox's chest hair. This was from the Dewey Cox Fan Club promoting the Dewey Cox movie.

    There's been a few freebies that offered 1 per household and I've used my other email addy & my mother in law's mailing addy w/ my husband name. But, I've only done this about 5 times out of the 5,000 freebies or more I've tried to receive. One was the post it notes game, where you can win 1 of 3 things, a pop up dispenser, a po, and a highlighter. I wanted them all! And, another was the Tequila post recently posted by mcpaladin. I wanted the shirt and the necklace...that's pretty embarrassing!

    I think everyone's made up a biz name @ some point and time, I confess!

    The best freebies I've ever received, besides hair and body care samples...everyone loves them of course....are a coupon for a free carton of Pallmall Cigs valued at about $38, when I redeemed it, the cigarette outlet owner said,"Hey, where did you get this" joking around. Also, I received a huge bucket of bird pellets for my bird to eat,along with avi-cakes,3 packs berry snacks, and a seed bar from Le Feber bird. This probably retails very high, and Le Feber was vert generious, in fact when I called and requested pellet samples, they said they were out and would send the actual product plus bird snacks, and I got all that stuff.

    And, once I signed up for 3m post it notes samples and they automatically entered me in a contest and I won a free Filtrete Air Purifer, I called to see why it came, I thought it was a mix up, but it turns out, I won.

    Well, now that I've managed to bore everyone with my freebie stories...tell me your favorite freebies received....


  • By: rayne storm

    you didn't bore me...and I have never made up a business name I just type "NONE" in the box...I aslo type "000-000-0000" as my phone number. lol strangest thing I ever received wasn't so much that it was strange it was the situation... (now this is emabarrasing) I got some lube samples. and I opened the envenlope, not knowing what it was, in front of my mother-in-law....I have put my Cat's name on pet food samples...lol..there I confessed...lol


  • By: babybarnplus

    LOL, oh man, I bet that was embarrassing...about your mother-in-law. Once, I opened a Vodka Mag, they were suppose to send a sample, but it was just a mag, and my mother-in-law said "I didn't know you drinked" and I said, "I don't it's just a magazine!" Seriously, I wasn't gonna drink it if they sent it anyway, and be sick all the next day, I just wanted to see if it would come...LOL! That's a good idea about your cat's name...

    What freebies have you received this week?

    What interests anyone reading this...so I can try to find a freebie you would like...I've got real good at finding freebies!


  • By: rayne storm

    This week oh goodness this is Friday lemme see if I can remember all of them:


    Living the Country Life

    All American Baby

    Baby Talk


    Food and Family

    Better Homes and Gardens

    Diet and Nutrition

    TV Guide

    Games for Windows



    Boating Life



    I also got:

    Cat Litter (big 10 lb bag)

    Cat food (4lb bag)

    Cat food (8 oz bag)

    Bridal Guide (dunno what that is for)


    Dove Hair Care


    A necklace

    a razor

    Joint Treats for Dogs

    Diabetic Cooking Cookbook

    Crafts Puzzle and Jokes for Folks Book


    another notepad


    pyramid tea

    a pedometer

    kashi snack bar

    Cat food (8 oz bag)(yes another)

    Biz laundry detergent

    power pixie

    Stephen King Book

    Smiley Stickers

    Address Labels

    Head and Shoulders shampoo

    Closet organzier sample squares

    Cat Shampoo

    Two Diapers

    Pack of Baby Wipes

    National Geographic Mag for kids

    Degree Deodorant

    Baby food Bowl with spoon

    Plastic Boxes

    Gift Bags


    I think thats it but I could be missing a few.


    • By: rayne storm

      I had this all put on seperate lines i guess when it posted it smashed it together.....
      Magazines: Living the Country Life, All American Baby, Baby Talk, Gaming, Food and Family, Better Homes and Gardens, Diet and Nutrition, TV Guide, Games for Windows, EGM, Parently Boating Life, Skiing, ____________ I also got: Cat Litter (big 10 lb bag), Cat food (4lb bag), Cat food (8 oz bag), Bridal Guide (dunno what that is for), Lube, Dove Hair Care, Cologne, A necklace, a razor, Joint Treats for Dogs, Diabetic Cooking Cookbook, Crafts Puzzle and Jokes for Folks Book, Notepad, another notepad, lotion, pyramid tea, a pedometer, kashi snack bar, Cat food (8 oz bag)(yes another), Biz laundry detergent, power pixie, Stephen King Book, Smiley Stickers, Address Labels Head and Shoulders shampoo, Closet organzier sample squares, Cat Shampoo, Two Diapers, Pack of Baby Wipes, National Geographic Mag for kids, Degree Deodorant, Baby food Bowl with spoon Plastic Boxes, Gift Bags, _________________________ I think thats it but I could be missing a few.


    • By: babybarnplus

      Wow, you've got a good memory...where did you get the Stephen King book, i'd like that offer if it's still available...also, if you ever come across any free Harry Potter finds, please post it, even if it's something really cool to print...

      This week I received all that bird stuff I was telling you about, TV Guide Magazine, Electronic Gaming Magazine, Free Mailing Labels(very cute,) a bunch of religious books...Spiritual Growth, Born again of the water & the spirit, Rebel w/ a cause:Franklin Graham, Living Beyond the Limits,The Ministry of Healing, a bunch of Religious Mags, free clear boxes, bookmarks, coupons, A Judge Judy Autograph, Bird & Reptile Catalogs, a notepad, a pen, a magnet, a pantene pro-v sample, oil samples, a keychain, and a lot more that I can't remember...
      What do you like and I'll try to find you a freebie and post it?


  • By: rayne storm

    Honestly I don't even remember signing up for the National Geo Mag...it just came it was that and some collecting cards. I think it mighta came as a promotion from another magazine.


  • By: babybarnplus

    Oh okay, well just let me know if you want me to do some intensive searching to find something of your interest...

    Also, I noticed you got a babytalk mag...Did you see the Parents Mag I posted today...it 2 years free from startsampling, no gimmicks, 24 issues! I got excited when I found that one!


  • By: rayne storm

    yeah i went ahead and signed up for it...even tho i get it already lol.....intests when it come to freeboes...pets, kids, baby, household, and freebies for men.....i like to get fore my family first...lol...then mommy/wifey gets her's lol


    • By: babybarnplus

      well...maybe if your 1st subscription runs out before your 2nd does, then your covered-LOL! And, I've discovered if I get duplicate copies of a mag my 4 year old will read the other when I read mine-my sneaky little tip-LOL! Okay, I'll keep my eye open for 'family freebies.' I usually do anyway...for my family.


  • By: rayne storm

    got that one...do you have yahoo??


  • By: rayne storm

    Promise Active free 4 pack coupon...free pasta coupon...free pasta sauce coupon (all redeemed now lol)...and a magazine....slow day.but the UPS, FED EX, and DHL still have yet to run...but I'm not expecting anything.


  • By: rayne storm

    The only thing that has happened to me today is that I log on and go to post a freebie and half way thru the darn thing logs me out and I gotta start all over.


    • By: babybarnplus

      That hasn't happened to me, that happens sometimes when I'm trying to post a comment.

      But, it didn't submit at all(the one I was telling you about)

      and today & yesterday I'd get all the way to previewing it to submit it and there wouldn't be a submit button, so after filling in all that info, I'd have to close out and come back to TFS and start my post all over! So frustrating!


  • By: rayne storm

    I know....tell me bout it.


    • By: AmandaB

      This issue has been fixed. We had people who had not clicked on anything on the site for awhile, getting auto logged out. This was to help with the load time of the site for everyone.

      We made that "inactive" time a bit longer now. Let me know if the issue continues.