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Free Kitty Kong Toy

Cat Chow Perks wants to reward you for all the ways you're sharing a better life with your cat. Join their community of Cat People today and start earning points for taking part. Then use those points to get great swag for your cat or yourself.

You can earn the free points right now by doing activities on their website. They'll be immediately added to your account. Also, enter the following codes for big points:

Enter UPC: 17800-14500 ~ Mfg. Code 1: 32281084 ~ Mfg. Code 2: 0800L02 = 1,000 points
Enter UPC : 17800-15604 ~ Mfg. Code 1: 33361085 ~ Mfg. Code 2: 2055L08 = 4,500 points

You will be able to earn enough to get one of their lower priced rewards like the Broth Bundle or the Coasters. You'll receive a free Kitty Kong Toy (regularly $50,000 points) just for redeeming your points in April. While supplies last.

Perfect for playtime, this Kitty Kong encourages your cat to let natural instincts take over. Redeem your points and treat your cat with this food-dispensing toy.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States

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