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Free Iced Coffee at Kum & Go

The year was 1959. The country was in the midst of a massive transformation. Middle-class families were becoming suburban families. And with suburbs came an increase demand for cars. The Federal Highway Act of 1956 created the Interstate Highway System. People were on the move, and the entrepreneurial spirit was in the air, especially related to travel, transportation and fuel.

Two such visionaries - W.A. Krause and T.S. Gentle - set out to create a refueling destination with a sense of "convenience."

In an age where catchy company names and unique marketing phrases were a representation of the times - and also the difference between success and failure - the two gentlemen used the first letters of their last names to create a unique moniker to showcase the ease and convenience they instilled in a shopping experience. Thus Kum & Go was born.

Sign up for become a Kum & Go Rewards member for free and receive a free iced coffee. No purchase necessary. Just scan your rewards card or enter your phone number at the register. Valid through 5/15/17.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States

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