Happy New Year/is anyone out there????

Happy New Year everyone....Ya know it used to be that a bunch of us would "pal around" here in the coffee talk section..share our ups and downs and look here for support of those who read and to post kind thoughts about others and just to yak it up. But no one ever posts here anymore-not sure why. But since the forum layout changes I dunno if it is just too hard for users to scroll down and click or what. But how bout we start using all the sections of the forum instead of just the ones that offer us free stuff. I miss hearing bout how everyone is doing and whats new and everything bout coffee talk....someone has to start it so I am...I MISS COFFEE TALK DISCUSSION....TALK TO ME PEOPLE

Rayne Storm

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    My name is Helen, and even though I'm 53 years old I am a newbie to this new world I've found, with the couponing, freebies, samples, and so forth.I knew a lady once who had a house full of nice things, and when I asked her where she got them she told me her husband is a "dumpster diver." I had no idea such things existed, just like it is incredulous to me that someone can buy $300.00 worth of groceries and Pay $45.00, for example. Years ago I clipped coupons, but for maybe a $4.00 savings for one trip. I did not realize it is agame with rules and guidelines, so to speak. I teach prealgebra and beginning algebra at the community colleg in my area, and so I understand now ( I think,LOL) how all of this works. The other day I bought 3 jars of peanut butter a a tube of Total toothpaste for 63 cents. It would have been free if I had just one more ECB buck. I was ecstatic, and now my goal is to shop for free. This site is just wonderful. I have sent my daughters all kinds of samples.I am happy to be a part of this community,