iPhone 7 Prize Bundle Giveaway


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Apple is continuing this tradition of big physical and software changes this fall with the release of the iPhone 7. The new display is making waves, demonstrating peak brightness and color accuracy. The chips inside are faster, it has a dual-lens camera, and the new home key is less of a button and more of a slight, symbolic recess in the front glass.

Rumors of the headphone jack disappearing have proven to be true but users don't have to purchase wireless headphones in order to listen to their iPhone 7. There's an adaptor that allows listeners to jack in their standard headphones through the lightning port. This does mean that you can't use the lightning port to charge and listen at the same time, giving users a good reason to go wireless with the Bluetooth feature. Rumors of wireless charging have proven false but Apple is keeping up with Samsung by offering new IP67 waterproofing. This new, essential protective measure means your phone could survive up to one meter under water for half an hour.

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