Cute Pet Halloween Costumes from $7 at Jet


Divining the hottest costume trends amounts mostly to checking out what was a hit at the box office this summer and which shows are trending or have cult followings. Of the $7.4 billion dollars Americans are expected to shell out on Halloween, $2.8 billion will be on costumes. Save on Halloween costumes for pets the same way thousands of other Americans are saving on their everyday purchases with Jet. The new community where it's free to enjoy a better, more transparent shopping experience is offering 15% off for new customers, giving you the chance to get an awesome pet's Halloween costume starting at just $7.

The online retail market heats up every year, but in 2015, it only accounted for 8% of total U.S. retail sales. At Jet, they recognize that a change is coming and that they need to be the mechanism of that change. They're making wholesale shopping accessible and demolishing overhead costs to save you more money. This starts during your shopping experience, where you'll find low prices on the items you want, including everyday essentials. When you buy "smart" items, you'll unlock savings on other related items. The more "smart" items you buy at once, the lower the prices drop. When you get to the checkout, you can save even more by waiving their free return policy.

You can even save at when you're shopping at another online store. Send them the confirmation email from a partner site and they'll credit you with Jet Dollars you can use for purchases on theirs. It's called Jet Anywhere and it could be your new favorite cashback program.

Jet is the smart new platform that lets you easily shop and save on the items you want and need on their website and beyond. Try it now with coupon code SHOP15 and save 15% on your first order. You'll also enjoy free shipping on orders of $35 or more. Shop for household goods, watch your prices drop the more you shop, and totally hack the shopping experience with free membership at Jet. The cutest costumes for Halloween start at just $7 with your new member discount.

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