Local Work Opportunities at Up to $47/Hour


Around the world and especially in the United States, people are finding new ways to turn the things they already have into new opportunities and extra cash. Your time, your home, and even your feet are now commodities that can earn you up to $47 an hour. Find jobs in your area today including restaurant, service, administrative, construction, security, and sales as well as emerging new jobs that are a part of the sharing economy.

The widespread use of the internet and smartphones has made the emergence of the sharing economy possible. At Rover, you can earn cash walking dogs and some individuals have even made a full-time career of walking people. Lyft, Sidecar, and Uber apps allow car owners to earn cash driving guests and FlightCar allows travelers get a free ride to the airport and make cash renting out their cars until their return. Large cities are seeing a boom in parking spot sharing, workplace sharing, and renting everything from sewing machines to weed whackers.

Real Work Network is your key to full and part-time opportunities near you, including the up-and-coming jobs that will let you make your own hours. Don't miss your chance to be a part of the next new craze and make good money for your time.

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