Four Free Sponges from Sponge Club

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Your old kitchen sponge is dirtier than your toilet seat! In fact it's the dirtiest item in most American's home. The only real solution to this problem is to change it regularly. The CDC recommends you change your sponge every 1-2 weeks. With Sponge Club, you get 4 brand new sponges every month, so you never have to worry about cleaning the dishes or any other household chore with a bacteria filled sponge.

With Sponge Club, receive 4 new sponges every month for $4.44. It's cheaper than the grocery store and shipping is included.

Use code: WELCOME at checkout to receive 4 free sponges with free S&H. A $4.44 value. This is a subscription service and you will need to enter a credit card, however, you can cancel at anytime.

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  • United States

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