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Free Fet Stuff from Purina Petcentric Community

For over eighty years, Purina has been a leader in the scientific advancement of pet care and pet nutrition. Their expert nutritionists, food scientists, vets, and animal behaviorists are constantly discovering new ways to help pets lead healthier, happier, longer lives.

Their passion for total pet care is evident beyond their pursuit of creating better products for cats and dogs. Purina forges partnerships with organizations dedicated to animal welfare in the pursuit of giving all pets what they really need. They have seen and experienced firsthand how lives are bettered by the powerful bond with a cherished pet and how families and communities are brought together by animals.

The Purina Petcentric website is a reflection of their values and desire to connect with their customers. Find expert tips and tricks for a happy pet, save money, enter contests, catch up on the latest pet news, and see adorable cats and dogs.

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