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The greatest rising force in American politics today is not a political party, nor is it a lobbying community, it is women.

Thirty five years ago, women held a mere 10% of all state legislative seats in the country. Today they hold 1,786, or 24.2% of the 7,383 seats nationwide. Currently, 20 women serve in the US Senate and 84 serve in the US House of Representatives, while 78 women hold statewide elective office. Of those, there are 6 women Governors, 13 Lt. Governors, 8 Attorney Generals and 14 Secretaries of State. From Washington, DC to local city councils, women are making a big difference in politics and how the country is run. Women chair numerous committees, they influence policy and they understand the importance of building bipartisan coalitions in support of the nation's most pressing concerns to ensure widespread change in both thought and policy on a variety of issues.

That's where the National Foundation for Women Legislators comes in. Since 1938, NFWL has served as a forum for elected women from across the country to be empowered through information and experience. As the oldest organization for elected women in America and the only one that includes women on the city, county and state levels, they encourage their members to take leadership roles and form connections across the aisle.

Since they do not have dues, the over 5,000 elected women in the US on the state, county and municipal levels are considered members, receive their communications and are invited to participate in their programs.

To honor some of the lesser-known women of the past, and to remind the women currently shaping the future that everyone has the power to make a difference, NFWL has put together everything you need to host a "Alice Paul Movie Night" with the movie, Iron Jawed Angels.

"Iron Jawed Angels" is an entertaining and important story of Alice Paul and the National Women's Party as they march on Washington, lobby for a constitutional amendment, and picket at the gates of the White House. Your Alice Paul movie night should include five or more girls, whether it be at your district office, at a local school, or a separate venue. Sign up for your free DVD today.

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