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Chabad Jewish Centre of Barrie 2017 Calendar

Rabbi Mendel Nakkar was born in 1987 in Toronto, Canada, where he absorbed the values of responsibility and devotion to his fellow Jews. He grew along with the community and celebrated his milestones in tandem with those of the community.

Chabad Jewish Centre of Barrie is an organization inspired by the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Motivated by his profound love for every Jew and spurred by his boundless optimism and self-sacrifice, the Rebbe set into motion a dazzling array of programs, services, and institutions to serve every Jew.

Their mission is to embrace and accept all Jews in the Simcoe County, regardless of background or belief, and provide them with an individualized Jewish experience which will lead to a better understanding of the beauty and depth of the Jewish people and Judiasm.

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