• By: 800meters

    it would be nice to have the links go to seperate page after you completer an off

    -have a completed offers page

    then on that page their should be a checkmark next to the offer confirming you recieved it in the mail


  • By: vicki000

    it would be nice if all the sites offering freebies would give u them with no obligation to purchase anything. alas a lot of them require subscriptions or u have to buy something .hence not totally free.


  • By: babybarnplus

    I would like to see how many users are online again....

    And, also at the top of the newest freebies page a place to write the freebies you've received for the day.

    And, more comments from TFS users.....


    • By: administrator

      The logged in users thing was bogging down the I have to re-do it. I'll hopefully get it back up in the next month or so....after I get these new features I'm working on up and running.

      I'll see what I can come up with for freebie tracking.

      Thanks for the input!


  • By: bob86matt

    it would be nice for me to some how tell which offers i have already completed

    and i dont like participation required offers


    • By: administrator

      Thanks bob..or is it matt? :P Thanks for the input. I'm working on something to keep track of what you've already completed.

      Do you not see participation required offers highlighted and marked as such when they are listed?