Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Fellow TFSers,

I would like to extend to each and every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving. I'd also like to think we all have something to be thankful on this day. We've been blessed with alot of free stuff through this website, for one.

All of us are Pilgrims, of sorts ... on a journey that takes us to unchartered shores of delight, disappointment, hope, despair, and an driving optimism that better times are ahead of us (we'll find that perfect freebie, yet).

Whatever our circumstances ... well-to-do, or well-to-do not... healthy/not so ... we can reflect on this little community we have here and on the spirit of giving and sharing.

There probably won't be alot of posts for free stuff on this day... but I'm going to give a "Totally Free Stuffing!!" to a huge turkey.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


  • By: tweety101

    Thanks mcpaladin! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! LOL about the "Totally Free Stuffing to a huge turkey" comment! ` Hope everyone else has a wonderful day also!


  • By: purplecola

    A very, very happy holiday to all of you here at Totally Free! I have so very much to be thankful for in me life... and i count this website and the wonderful people who post here as one of the blessings that i have! i enjoy "talking" to you all via posts, and sometimes i laugh right out loud at things that are "said"! you always put a big smile on me face, no matter what i am going through, and for that, i am thankful. keep up the great work, and remember to use your "antacid" freebies after eating waayyyy too much holiday food today! HAHA!

    happy Thanksgiving... count your blessings and smile.

    with love from my house to yours ~ Amy


  • By: AmandaB

    Yes!! Happy Turkey Day to All In the U.S.A today.. (in Canada we have thanksgiving about a month ago.. which is maybe why you didnt get freebies the one day)...

    I hope everyone enjoys the day... and has a fantastic time with food family and friends (and shopping!)